English – About the ALAES

The ALAES (Association des Linguistes Anglicistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur, ‘Association of higher education linguists working on English’) is the leading professional association in France for academic linguists working on the English language. It currently has over 140 members, and it is open to all academics and PhD students. It also welcomes other colleagues with an interest in English linguistics, under the conditions specified by its constitution and rules.

The objects of the Association are to promote and broadcast research in English linguistics in France, facilitate contacts among colleagues, and more generally, contribute to the dynamics of English linguistics in higher education. It also endeavours to make the advances of research known to the general public, especially secondary school teachers.

The members are offered access to a mailing list. The ALAES website also provides open-access resources for research and teaching (national competitive exams for future teachers), and maintains a regularly updated list of calls for papers, both for national or international conferences and for themed issues of linguistics journals. The Association also regularly sponsors scientific events, and seeks to set up links with a number of other learned societies.

If you would like to find out more, or contact us, the ALAES Committee will be happy to answer any queries.


In order to promote English linguistics in France, the ALAES organises :

  • an annual workshop over three half-days, as part of the annual symposisum organised by the SAES (the mother association for all academics in English studies in France), in June. The workshop is a stepping stone to submitting a paper to Anglophonia, the French journal of English linguistics (where it undergoes double blind peer review);
  • an agégation day conference every other year, which brings candidates accessible research findings for the linguistics curriculum of the national competitive exam for future teachers.

The ALAES also sponsors day workshops and conferences on English linguistics.

Through its website and mailing list, it keeps its members updated, provides resources on English linguistics, and facilitates contacts and discussions.

History of the ALAES

The ALAES was founded on 10th October 1981, during an SAES event. The very first Committee members were Jean Lavédrine (President), Henri Adamczewski and Lucien Cherchi (Vice-Presidents), Simone Wyss (Treasurer), Jean-Louis Duchet and Pierre Cotte (Secretaries).

Since then, it has been presided by Jean Lavédrine, Pierre Cotte (Honorary President), Claude Delmas, Geneviève Girard-Gillet (Honorary President), Philip Miller, Lionel Dufaye. The current president is Laure Gardelle.